Public spaces

At OMK we believe that everyone benefits from good design.

We promote this through our products which are designed to improve public spaces by using correct materials and focusing on ergonomics.


Our systems are designed to offer flexibility, durability and easy maintenance. Modular design makes it easy to integrate our furniture with your environment, enhancing the experience for your customers. Multiple options for integrated charging points enable you to easily create the perfect rest spot for shoppers.


Our furniture is designed to be easy to maintain, durable materials and minimal surface gaps help to achieve this. Antimicrobial finishes are available as standard options across our range and removable seat and back panels make it easy to carry out deep a deep clean when needed.


Our products are made to order and available in any colour making them the perfect addition to educational environments. Easy maintenance and reconfigurability make it easy to maximise your investment as your furniture can adapt to the changing needs of your environment.